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The EasyLife Interoperating Blockchain System


The EasyDex team is happy to announce our EasyLife interoperating blockchain system. EasyLife will be a system of decentralized applications (dapps) each built with their own custom-built, Graphene-based blockchain. Each application will work natively with each other and plug right into Bitshares! EasyLife will have applications in the fields of social and user-created media, gig economy, a market place and much more. We’re even integrating the system into video games!


Bitshares will function as the economic hub of the system and each interface will have a simplified version of the dex built right into it. The first application,  EasySocial, will function as the social hub of the system and combines the best parts of existing social networks combined with the benefits of Graphene technology to provide users a censorship-resistant platform for them to earn crypto while interacting with other users on a platform without a data-mining central authority. EasySocial is currently in development with an expected launch date in the spring of 2019.


To ensure no single entity has too much control over the system, each application will have a user-created governance structure and the majority of the initial supply will be given freely to various token holders and other, platform-specific groups. 20% of each chain will be shared with PB holders and 20% shared with BTS holders to reward those who support us and the greater Bitshares community. The snapshot of PB and BTS holders for EasySocial is set for February 4, 2019.


Click here to read the white paper and find out more about EasyLife!