Portfolio Builder Tokens - Trade your existing crypto portfolio on the ultra-fast Bitshares Decentralized Exchange!
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Portfolio Builder Tokens

Portfolio Builder Tokens

EasyDex Portfolio Builder tokens (EASYDEX.PB on the DEX) were designed for investors who want to maintain an ever-expanding portfolio of a variety of crypto tokens. Holders of EasyDex Portfolio Builder tokens receive regular sharedrops of all of the crypto assets for which EasyDex runs bridge services in the amount of 50% of the market fees collected on the decentralized exchange. Since we are constantly adding new tokens on our bridge services, these tokens will allow holders to quickly grow a large, diverse portfolio.

Since each token added to the bridge services requires an investment on the part of EasyDex in terms of both back-end infrastructure and development, we will only add tokens that our research has shown will have a future and maintain or increase their value.

EasyDex Portfolio Builder tokens have a maximum supply of 1 million tokens. We will have an initial token presale of 100 thousand tokens available on the decentralized exchange for a cost of 40 BTS each. Following the initial presale there will be an EOS-style token campaign in which tokens will be distributed each day to people who donated to the pool based on their donation level. 800 thousand tokens will be distributed in the campaign. The remaining 100 thousand tokens will be distributed through contests, bounties, and as rewards to people that have helped EasyDex.

Token Presale Has Begun!